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F&M is transitioning to a different check vendor. During this period of transition, please contact F&M directly to place your check order. We apologize for this inconvenience.



Debit Cards

Need cash in a hurry? It's all at your fingertips. F&M's Debit Card reduces the chances of fraud.  You can use your card to:

  • make purchases at any merchant who accepts Visa®
  • withdraw money from your checking or savings account
  • transfer funds
  • access funds worldwide through any Shazam®, Plus or Inbalance ATM
  • available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

No time for the ATM? Get cash back at participating retailers, plus added security when you use your PIN to pay with your F&M Bank Debit Card.

If a card transaction causes your account balance to fall below zero, or if your account is already in an overdrawn status, your transaction may be denied.

We have teamed up with a fraud detection service to further protect your account from fraudulent activity. If you plan to use your card in an unusual manner or in a location that is not typical for you, please notify F&M.

Report lost or stolen Debit Card

ATM Locations
Other ATM Locations

Surcharge Free ATM Locations using your F&M Debit Card

Contact us to request an application.

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Credit Cards

Finding a credit card that's right for you has never been easier! Choose from a variety of Visa® cards, each designed to match your financial needs:

  • Visa® Signature Card - Earn points with each purchase and redeem them for merchandise, gift certificates, statement credit, cash, and travel. Earn 1% unlimited cash back. Earn one point for every net dollar purchased.
  • Visa® Platinum Card - A general purpose card with convenient and flexible purchasing power.
  • Visa® Platinum Business Card - Benefit from streamlined accounting and solid purchase protection all with no annual fee with one purchase per year.
  • Visa® Platinum Business Rewards Card - Great way to earn 1% unlimited cash back and double rewards for everyday spending. Redeem rewards for cash back in the form of a statement credit, merchandise, or gift certificates.

Certain conditions, fees, and terms may apply. Details will be provided when you become a card member.

Contact us to request an application.

Access my Elan Credit Card account

Report lost or stolen Elan Credit Card 


Introducing - American Express Credit Cards!

F&M is proud to welcome American Express as our newest credit card option! You can choose their Cash Rewards or Travel Rewards Card.

American Express Cash Rewards offers up to three percent cash back for qualifying fuel spending, two percent cash back at supermarkets and one percent for other purchases. With no annual fee, there is no limit to how much this card can earn for you!

American Express Travel Rewards is for the Cardmember on the go! This card offers the highest rewards for travel related purchases, offers no foreign transaction fees and flexible reward redemption options. You'll have access to a Premium Concierge Service as well as CONNECT, a program from American Express that brings together travel benefits, valuable offers and entertainment access. The annual fee for this card is $95.

Certain conditions, fees, and terms may apply. Details will be provided when you become a card member.

Report lost or stolen American Express Credit Card 

Gift Cards

VISA® Gift Cards - give the gift that always fits! Available in amounts from $10 to $500. VISA Gift Cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted worldwide. Small purchase fee applies.

Report lost or stolen VISA® Gift Card

Access VISA® Prepaid Cards - Reloadable

Not a gift card, these prepaid cards are a safe, smart and efficient alternative to cash. Access VISA® Prepaid Cards are reloadable and have a multitude of options:

  • Substitute them for travelers checks or cash
  • Use as a budgetary tool, for example, for teens
  • Use to cover emergency expenses
  • Can reload them multiple times

Certain conditions, fees, and terms may apply. Details will be provided at purchase.

You can register and check the balance on your Access VISA® Prepaid Cards at:

Report lost or stolen VISA® Access Prepaid Card

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Night Depository

Our night depositories are secure drop boxes where merchants and consumers can make deposits outside of banking hours. The bank processes the deposits the following business day. Keep your deposits safe overnight or on weekends by using one of our night depositories. Locking zipper bags are available.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your important documents and other items safe from theft and fire in one of our safe deposit boxes. Various sizes are available to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

FDIC Insurance does not extend to safe box contents.

Buy Quicken®

Take advantage of this convenient feature in Internet Banking! Your account transactions can easily be downloaded from Internet Banking into Quicken® using the Account Export feature. It's the easy, effortless way to balance your finances and your life.


Direct Deposit

Peace of mind. That's what Direct Deposit can offer you! Never again wonder if your paycheck, social security check will be deposited on time. With Direct Deposit through F&M, your deposit will be made electronically on the scheduled date. You will have immediate access to your funds without having to stop in to make the deposit. Better yet, your check can't get lost in the mail, stolen or accidentally destroyed. It's safe, secure, easy and smart!

Call F&M today to see what it takes to set up your Direct Deposit today! We can help!


F&M Getaways

Come along for the ride! Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first timer, we invite you to join F&M as we "Getaway"! F&M Getaways specializes in one day trips but our popular bi-annual trip to Branson always receives rave reviews! Ask any of your friends that have traveled with us. They'll tell you F&M Getaways are well organized and enjoyable for all. Need a gift idea? An F&M Getaways gift certificate makes a great gift! Available in any denomination, your loved one is sure to find an F&M Getaway they'll enjoy. Check out our upcoming Getaways under "News & Updates" on our bank website home page.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift? Check out our Springfield Lobby coin and gift display. We offer proof sets, money clips, commemorative coins and more - perfect for gift giving! These gifts, sure to be treasured, are durable, collectible and last a lifetime.
CFPB Fiduciary Guides

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established by Congress in 2010 as a part of the Dodd-Frank Act. This government agency protects consumers by carrying out federal consumer financial laws. They have written a number of Information Guides for consumers covering various fiduciary capacities. These guides are for family and friends that have been asked to help manage the financial affairs for someone else by serving in various fiduciary capacities and are not for professionals or organizations. These guides do not give you legal advice. State laws vary, so you may have additional or different duties. You should seek the advice of a lawyer if you have questions about your duties.

Guide for Court Appointed Guardians

Guide for Fiduciaries
Guide for Power of Attorney

Guide for Trustees

The following services are located in the bank and are not FDIC Insured, not guaranteed by the bank, not insured by any federal government agency, are not bank deposits:
Insurance - F & M Insurance Agency

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