Whatever the reason, a personal loan from F&M can help set up financing that meets your specific needs.

Auto Loans, New and Used - Our auto loans fit your auto needs. The flexible terms and competitive rates on F&M auto loans are sure to get you behind the wheel of the vehicle you've been wanting.

Personal Loans - Sometimes things happen and you just need some cash. Check with us for rates and terms for installment loans or single-pay loans. We even offer special rates and terms just for Christmas.

Recreational Vehicles - F&M can finance that boat, snowmobile, trailer or any type of recreational vehicle for which you've been looking. We offer payment plans that fit your cash flow and flexible terms.

Line of Credit Overdraft Protection - Access to money just because you need it. F&M offers a Ready Reserve program to qualifying checking account holders. It's like a personal line of credit that kicks in when your account is running short. Ready Reserve can keep your account from becoming overdrawn and can give you personal peace of mind. Interest will accrue on a line of credit balance. It's a great value added feature. See if you qualify.

Want a lower interest rate? Let us give you the convenience of making your loan payment from your deposit account automatically and we'll lower your rate by .50%. Ask us if your loan qualifies.

Skip-A-Loan PaymentIt is as easy as printing the form and completing it. You may mail it, fax it, or bring it in. If you are unable to print from your computer, we will mail you one-just Contact Us.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader® software to view the Skip-A-Loan Payment form. It's free.

Credit Life & Disabilty. Peace of mind. That's what credit insurance offers you. Whether you wish to have your debt repaid in the unlikely event of your passing, or wish to preserve your good credit rating should you become ill and unable to work, our credit insurance products can help. Ask for a credit insurance quote when inquiring about your loan with us.


F&M's loan officers are experienced, knowledgeable and have the know-how it takes to answer all of your loan related questions. Contact Us to help you make an informed loan decision. We want to help!

iHelp Student Loans - Help Finance College with a Private Student Loan. There are many ways for students and their families to pay for college. After taking advantage of possible federal loans, grants, scholarships and any personal contributions, there may still be a gap to cover. We work with the iHELP® Student Loan program to provide you a great option to cover that gap. iHELP is our private student loan partner of choice because we share similar values and we’re confident you’ll have a fantastic experience with them. With an iHELP private student loan you get:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • No origination or repayment fees
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Easy online application
  • Responsive customer service

While not required, cosigners generally help a student qualify for a loan and possibly a lower interest rate. Get started with the easy online private student loan application.

iHELP Student Loan Consolidation - Simply Life with Student Loan Consolidation. If you’re like most college graduates, you have taken on a variety of federal and private student loans to cover the cost of college. The challenge is that each of those student loans come with unique terms and repayment schedules. Simplify your life by consolidating your college student loans into a single payment; doing so may also allow you to reduce your monthly payment. We work with the iHELP® Student Loan program to provide you an opportunity to consolidate your private student loans, federal student loans and Parent Plus loans into one manageable payment. Please note, consolidating your federal loans will cause you to lose any federal loan benefits on those loans. While not required, cosigners generally help a student qualify for a loan and possibly a lower interest rate. Get started with the easy online student loan consolidation application.

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