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Hometown Community Bank

Business Loans

F&M offers a variety of business loans to fit your specific business needs! Operating Loans

F&M utilizes an 8-tiered risk rating system to price its operating lines of credit. This variable rate system gives you credit for your financial progress, your past performance and management ability. Qualifying operators can even borrow on their lines of credit via the Internet with F&M's Web Advance system. This puts YOU in control.

Machinery & Equipment Loans

We offer competitive rates and flexible terms on machinery loans. Your repayment schedule will coincide with your unique cash flow.

Commercial Mortgages

Our in-house program allows payment schedules up to 20 years. We are familiar with market values in our area and can set up a fixed rate or variable rate mortgage for you.

SBA Programs

Our lenders have access to the Small Business Administration menu of programs. These programs allow qualifying borrowers to start, improve or expand their business.

F&M Ag loan officers are experienced, knowledgeable and have the know-how it takes to answer all of your loan related questions.
Contact Us to help you make an informed loan decision. We want to help!

Financial Calculators