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Hometown Community Bank

Pieschel Family Foundation

"To succeed in life is to leave your community a little better than you found it."

Well known to the Springfield Community, Mike Pieschel and his wife, Jodi, have a long track of philanthropy as well as involvement and leadership in local organizations and projects. Mike's career with the Farmers & Merchants Bank afforded him a unique position from which to gain perspective on the needs of the community. The Pieschel's belief was that Springfield had been good to them and that it was important to give something back to their community.

The Pieschel's wanted to pay it forward by helping meet the needs of Springfield, today and forever. So, in 1995, with the assistance of the Minnesota Foundation, Mike and Jodi established the Pieschel Family Foundation, a $1 million permanent endowment fund with the sole purpose of enhancing the greater Springfield Community. Successful grants will support a wide array of local initiatives. Grant applications are due March 15th of each year.

Mission: To enhance the social, cultural, educational, spiritual, economic and physical quality of life in the greater Springfield community through financial support to those organizations, institutions, programs, projects or foundations that will contribute to the broad objective; to provide support for programs designed to bring those with physical or mental handicaps into the mainstream of life in their communities.

Pieschel Family Foundation Grant Application