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Hometown Community Bank

Savings & CDs

Whether you are looking to invest your money for a short period of time or you are looking for something long-term, F&M has the investment product you need to find that perfect fit.


This account offers a higher rate of interest than a checking account.

  • Earn interest when your daily balance is $200 or over.
  • Minors and full time students, up to 24 years of age, earn interest on their entire account balance.
  • Free to minors and full time students up to 24 years of age.
  • If the daily balance falls below $200, there is a monthly flat service fee of $1.

Money Beez Savings Club

For kids 12 and younger, makes savings fun!

  • Earn interest on entire account balance
  • Money Beez gift at account opening
  • Money Beez Newsletter
  • No Service Charge
  • And More!
Money Beez Newsletter

Money Market Savings

The two-tiered rate of interest and low minimum balance offer easy accessibility with competitive returns.

  • Earn a competitive rate of interest
  • Keep your daily balance above $2,500 to earn the highest tiered rate of interest

If the daily balance falls below $2,500, there is a monthly flat service fee of $10.

Investment Money Market Savings

This multi-tiered savings account rewards the high balance customer. Its competitive rates make it the perfect investment account. A great place to park your savings!

If the daily balance falls below $10,000, there is a monthly flat service fee of $10.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Boost your earning power. With our competitive interest rates, CDs make a solid foundation for your saving needs. They retain their value, are eligible for FDIC Insurance, and you are guaranteed a return on your investment when held on deposit until maturity.

To ensure you receive the flexibility that you are looking for, an array of investment periods is offered, ranging from 30 days up to three years. Our certificates automatically renew so your money is always working for you. We have a grace period of ten days after maturity in which you can withdraw your money without penalty.

IntraFi Network

F&M Bank is a member of the IntraFi network. Through IntraFi, we can offer you a safe opportunity to put your cash to work while potentially benefiting from the protection of FDIC insurance on every dollar. And, as always, your personal financial information is protected. Check with one of our account professionals on how IntraFi can work for you!